Choose the correct shell jacket

A shell jacket’s function is to protect you from wind, rain and external wear. It should also integrate with your other layers of clothing by releasing moisture. Fjällräven makes shell jackets from three different types of fabric:

G-1000: Durable, breathable and adaptable
Hydratic and Eco-Shell: Waterproof, windproof and breathable
MicroTravel: Lightweight, breathable and quick-drying

G-1000: Durable, breathable and adaptable

It happens much too often that we pull on shell jackets that are waterproof – even though it is barely raining outside. One reason for this could be that many people overestimate the “breathability” and durability of membrane garments. Sure, these garments offer some ventilation and protection from nature’s sharp edges. But these waterproof multi-layer fabrics cannot even come close to the breathability and durability you will get from G-1000.

G-1000 is wind and water resistant and can be worn year-round. Excellent breathability means that moisture from the body is efficiently released, which decreases the risk that you will be chilled by a wet base layer. This makes G-1000 the perfect choice for trekking, skiing and other active outdoor activities. You can also easily enhance the protective properties of the fabric by adding Greenland Wax.

If you are looking for a durable, breathable shell jacket that can handle hard wear G-1000 is the perfect choice.

Shell jackets in Hydratic and Eco-Shell

Jackets in Hydratic and Eco-Shell keep you dry, warm and comfortable during the most persistent rainfalls and also keep out the wind, which would otherwise whisk important heat away from the body. What has made these multi-layer fabrics so popular in the outdoors is that they release body moisture through microscopically small pores. These pores are smaller than a drop of water but larger than steam, which means that moisture can force its way out without the rain coming in. Ventilation openings, mesh pockets and chimney collars also help these garments breathe.

If you want complete protection against a downpour without getting wet from sweat when you are active, shell jackets in Hydratic or Eco-Shell are the perfect choice.

Shell jackets in MicroTravel

These jackets are developed for spring and summer use as well as for safaris and other adventures at warmer latitudes. MicroTravel jackets are cool, quick-drying and provide protection against the UV rays. They are also more or less wrinkle-free, weigh unusually little and take up little space in your suitcase. Many practical pockets and other functions make life on the road easier.

If you want to feel cool during your adventure, a shell jacket in MicroTravel (MT) is the perfect solution.

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