Fjällräven Shops

You can visit our shops in Prague - Centrum Černý Most or PALLADIUM and in Brno - OC Olympia.

You will find the functional and technical clothing for stay in nature, hiking, but also comfortable and quality clothing for everyday use. The dominant feature of the shops is time-tested Swedish brand Fjällräven where you can find besides of clothing, also tents, sleeping bags and a lot of accessories that its workmanship is among the best on the market. You can learn more about these products here - in our e-shop.

In the shops we also offer high quality, hand-sewn, German shoes Hanwag and accessories of brands Primus and Brunton which will make your stay in nature more pleasant. You can choose from a wide range of products which the proper hiker and nature lover cannot live without.

From all the outdoor equipment, stored in a wardrobe, clothes usually raise the most memories. Scuffed knees at the ten years old worn trousers or worn out buttons at the old jackets are witnessing of adventure on hiking trails, in the mountains and deep in the woods. The better hiking clothes, the longer it will last - and the more stories it can tell us. In compliance with this idea, our products are designed to be functional and materials could be used for a long time.

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