Fjallraven Numbers

Numbers Series is the latest outdoor clothing. All materials and details have been carefully selected to minimize the impact on the environment and to ensure that the clothes can endure many long journeys. Numbers clothes are designed to be easily repaired and replaced most stressed parts which can be worn out during use and thereby will extend the life of the entire clothes.

The numbers are series of outdoor clothing on which you can rely on in any environment. Individual parts have been designed to endure extremely harsh treatment and use in demanding situations. It is a high quality material that wears well and looks good even with constant use. We use heavy-duty fabric G-1000 Eco made from recycled polyester and organic cotton.

The result of all this is a series of durable and timeless clothes that will accompany their owners on countless adventures for many years ahead.

Each product is named according to what is its predecessor. For example Jacket No.68 is the latest in a long line of functional and durable outdoor jackets from Fjällräven while Gaiter Trousers No.1 is innovative solution with integrated covers that can be unbuckled.

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