Fjällräven Materials

Many of the materials used in the company Fjällräven are proposed by the company itself.

Thanks to our long experience in the outdoors, we dare to say that we know what is needed to produce durable and functional materials. This is the basis of our product development: knowledge of the real needs and the product itself. We are proud that no material is not suggested or not chosen solely on the basis of the trend or design.

Once we have selected the material for a product, we place great emphasis on testing in the field and looking for the right combination of materials for a particular purpose. We try, try and try again. These tests ensure that the material has the right features, moreover it is resistant and long lasting. We often hear that the products of Fjällräven passed down from generation to generation or used products are sold on. And that’s what we are proud of. When our products are sold again, the environment does not load at all - unlike the purchase of a new product. It was not necessary to produce any material, was not used any chemicals and nothing needs to be transported. Therefore, it is not surprising that we focus on materials that are characterized by long life.

As people concerned with staying in nature, of course, we know that our materials should be produced so that there was the least possible stress for animals and the environment. This will prescribe regulations for the well-spent time - Quality Time.

Become familiar with materials which we use:

Types of materials of Fjällräven

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