How to choose a trousers

19 things that are good to know before selecting a pair of outdoor trousers

Your outdoor trousers are put to the test when you are in the mountains. On long days of trekking they have to keep you warm and dry if the weather suddenly changes, and protect you from scrapes and scratches when you are covering stony terrain or trekking through scrub. They have to dry fast if you happen to get wet and ventilate out moisture when you sweat.

In addition, they have to be comfortable and let you move freely in all sorts of ways; when climbing, squatting and kneeling.

These are the minimum demands our product developers have when they design trousers for trekking and outdoor life in unsettled conditions. In addition to these, our trousers are packed with well-thought-through features that make life out in the wilderness easier.

Here are some of the features you will often find in a pair of Fjällräven trousers:

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