Choosing a tent

How to find the right tent

Your tent is one of the most important pieces of your equipment. It provides shelter during storms and a place to recover and rest. In order to find a model that is right for you, it is a good idea to think about how you intend to use the tent. Here is a check list of things to consider:

When will you use your tent?

Where and at what time of the year you will be out trekking is also important for the type of tent you should choose. If you are going to camp during the spring, summer and autumn, you can choose a lighter, slimmer model made for three-season use. Camping in winter conditions – which includes camping in the summer in snow – requires more robust materials and possibilities for regulating the ventilation. You will also need more space, since your equipment will be bulkier.

How many people will sleep in the tent?

Are you going to be camping on your own or are there several of you? Remember, the more space you want to have, the more weight you have to carry. The type of treks you will take is also important. If you are setting up a base camp and only trekking short distances, you can choose a larger tent - one that is both wider and has more headroom. If you are trekking longer distances, you will need a tent that offers a lot of space at the lowest possible weight. In this case, a lower tunnel tent from the Shape line, for example Abisko Lightweight , can be a good choice.

What type of environment are you in the most?

Will you be camping in open, wind-blown terrain, for example at high altitudes in the mountains or in polar regions? All of Fjällräven's tents have floors that can withstand extensive wear and uneven surfaces, but our Akka Endurance also has reinforcements at the bottom of the flysheet to withstand tough wear in rocky terrain. If you are kayaking in the archipelago and camping on rocky cliffs, it is convenient to have a self-standing tent. Akka Dome is both spacious and easy to pitch.

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